Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Note on Covid

I was lucky, my covid experience was fine. Something I would have self-diagnosed as "the flu" in the before time ("we" call everything worse than a bad cold "the flu" whether or not it is influenza), and never would have though to call a doctor. My fever briefly headed to 102, but only briefly, and otherwise was 101 or lower when I had it.

So, yes, covid is "no big deal" then. What's with all the dummies wearing masks???

I don't know what's typical for everyone, but it isn't typical for me to get "the flu" regularly. Last time I remember was, I dunno, 2014 maybe? In any case, I don't recommend getting covid or "the flu." Even in my easy case, I was basically useless for 3 days. Couldn't have gone to an actual job (shouldn't have, either, but couldn't have). Would have had a very hard time taking care of children.

One of the most bizarre developments in The Discourse was the anti-mask wearing bros. You know, the Nates and the Joshes and the Davids. I don't mean mask policy, I mean just the general derision heaped on mask wearers who are just minding their own damn business. This started the spring after the vaccines came out and never stopped, despite waves of covid since.

And, you know, sticking a mask on my gob when I remember is a pretty small price to pay to reduce my chances of getting covid a bit. I know it makes you super UNCOOL to have some concern for others, but the contempt for store workers involved with not just being against mask policies, or against wearing one yourself, but spending months getting enraged at the practice it all is quite amazing!

Christ, what assholes.