Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Do You Even Office, Bro

I know I can be a bit of a technology skeptic, and have been wrong a few times on related issues, but I have whittled down my thinking about such things, when they arise, to three basic questions:

1) What problem is this trying to solve?

2) Is the solution actually easier/more covenient?

3) Is this technology completely made up (5 years away!)?

There is no answer to 1) and if you have to strap yourself into a nausea inducing visor, the answer to 2) is obvious.  Might be fun for a bit, but certainly isn't convenient and useful. God knows why it's preferable to a video conference call if necessary. 

My other correct prediction was that, "3D TV is dumb and won't be popular," even as for about two years every TV in the showroom was a 3D TV.  
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