Monday, October 17, 2022

Hippie Shit

The biggest hippie shit in recent years was probably The Green New Deal, in various manifestations. Obviously it's fair to quibble with any particular item, but the concept was a serious atttempt to deal with the fact that moving away from oil and reducing emissions generally would be costly.

You know the basic dialogue:

Hippies: We need to save the planet from climate change!

VSPs: whoa that's going to be costly, and therefore politically unpopular, and hit the people (poor) you hippies claim to care about the most [for limited purposes, the VSP now claims to care about poor people, also, too]

Hippies: Ok, good point, we need to put together a political package that ensures the costs and benefits are allocated fairly so that it will have broad political support!


VSPs: What the hell is all this shit in this package that has nothing to do with climate change!!! The Left is Unserious yet again!!!