Friday, October 14, 2022

Streaming Ads

"We" all used to complain about commercials, but I'd say the big problem with, or at least limitation of, network television wasn't the commercials themselves, but instead was that every show had to be written with the commercial breaks in mind. So precise 7 minute (or whatever they were) segments written with a dramatic moment or minor cliffhanger at every ad break, and a precise 42 minute show. This limited (or provided structure to, depending on how you look at it) the writing and gave every show the same basic rhythm.

Streaming shows don't have to be of a fixed length and they don't have to write each episode according to that basic format. Episodes can be longer or shorter, dramatic moments don't have to come at that precise pace.

But, if the shows did have commercials, that was the way to do it. Adding (presumably by algorithm, not with human editing) ads to shows that were not written with the ad breaks in mind is going to be really really annoying! Ad breaks in movies shown on broadcast TV were like this, but they were at least edited in by humans. I have watched some streaming shows where the ads get dropped in by algorithm and, folks, it's some serious malarkey!