Monday, October 10, 2022

Ye Olde Freak Show

Sometimes the freak show has some importance, and a billionaire superstar blasting out anti-semitic death threats to millions probably goes into the 'somewhat important' category. Part of it is because Dems are bad at handling this stuff, but I'm so old I remember when 'making facile comparisons to Hitler' was condemnation-worthy anti-Semitism. That was generally quite dumb, as I don't think silly holocaust comparisons are anti-Semitic holocaust minimization, and even if it wasn't dumb I don't think Dem politicians should have felt obligated to answer for it usually.

But it's a bit odd how leading Republicans and conservatives manage to just duck the questions and then get invited back on teevee when their pals are spewing explicit anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and worse regularly.  Almost as if people don't care about the things they pretend to care about.