Sunday, November 13, 2022


I don't know everything, but I've been hearing basically the same complaints about the DCCC forever. It's an incumbency protection racket, though some incumbents are more important than others. Fundraising is very much a priority. "Ability to fundraise" being a key thing for choosing new candidates, which means rich guys or people who know lots of rich guys. Certainly lefty candidates are not exactly welcomed. There's the Dem fetish for a former coptroopnatsec person.

None of these things are precisely wrong - all can be defensible -  it's more about how much the various dials are turned. Of course it's going to focus on preserving the jobs of the members. Of course fundraising matters. Can always argue the coptroopnatsec person is more electable.  Everyone loves a former coptroop!

DCCC head Maloney muscling out Mondaire Jones in his district, leading to both of them losing... Well that's sort of synthesis of all the bad impulses