Thursday, November 17, 2022

Defund the SEC

A big chunk of the "popularism" and "anti-criminal justice reform" rhetoric/agenda has been pushed by people directly funded by and who otherwise promoted the crypto scammer of the day, with some of those people quite clearly being conduits from the crypto scammer lobby to Dems in Congress. Crypto scammer boy was a high profile Dem funder this cycle, nuking progressives in primaries to the cheers of these people.

A big crypto-bro candidate was Carrick Flynn, who was pushed by Pelosi's PAC, for mysterious reasons. Fortunately he lost to Andrea Salinas, who just won her seat in Oregon. SBF also gave a bunch of money to Vox, which promoted Carrick. 

There's a very long piece to be written about all the ways SBF's money corrupted this election cycle,  all the corrupt people who joined in, and the influence they had, hiding behind "Effective Altruism", which was just a front for this scam. Some of your faves are involved!

Of course the problem with corrupt systems is that everyone involved is tainted, or their friends are, so best not to mention it.

Just because you call something "altruism" doesn't mean it is. "Prosperity gospel for agnostics" was what someone (sorry, forget who!) called it. 

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