Monday, November 28, 2022


That cops can and did regularly hand out huge fines for jaywalking, especially given how horribly pedestrian lights were often timed (they could fine you for stepping off the curb at a blinking red, and the green would last 3 seconds)...
Rather, after almost 90 years, with laws dating from the 1930s, the state has finally decided to legalize jaywalking. No more tickets that, with various surcharges, could run to almost $200.

Which means that as of Jan. 1, we Californians will be able to jaywalk to a film audition, jaywalk to buy pot, jaywalk to meet an angel investor for a start-up, jaywalk for hot baby yoga classes, jaywalk for the benefit of paparazzi alerted earlier about where and when the jaywalking will occur, and jaywalk to any of the countless California-centric pastimes that the rest of the country finds so amusing. Or we might jaywalk across the street just to get to the other side.
(tone of this piece is annoying, but the point is made)