Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Tech Journalism

Swisher has a reptuation (cultivated by her, of course) of being the "tough" tech journalist, which seems mostly to involve her showing some "tough love" to her good friends the FOUNDERS sometimes.

I understand why most people believed in the genius of Musk.  It's because of people like Swisher! He was one of my weird obsessions so I know his deal, but it was her job to know he's a bullshitter!

Swisher is, of course, attempting to rewrite history to reposition herself as the grand critic of tech, despite it being alarmingly obvious that she, like so many others, was completely in Elon’s corner until it was inconvenient to be there. One might ask where Swisher was when Musk disparaged a cave diver as a pedophile, sent thousands of his Twitter followers after reporter Erin Biba, when “pervasive racism” became an issue at Tesla, or when he sent an email around that told his workers to be “thick-skinned” and that underrepresented groups “don’t get a free pass on being a jerk.” Musk has successfully manipulated the media into conflating “firebrand” with “shithead,” and Swisher has up until recently given him the benefit of the doubt.