Thursday, November 03, 2022

Victim Of The Forces Of Woke

Regarding the last post, there was a set of aggro-centrists who did feel incredibly oppressed during the protests of 2020, because they did think they had to keep their prolific dumb and racist opinions to themselves, mostly.

They're rising to the defense of Tom Cotton and James Bennet, dishonestly (dishonestly is the key), because they agreed with Tom Cotton, or at least the slightly gentler Tom Cotton they keep pretending existed, and did not think they could say so without people yelling at them on twitter (which is like being put into the gas chamber).

They don't like protests, they don't like black people, they don't like protesting black people, and they certainly have no record of giving a shit about "overzealous" police. If a few of "them" get killed, that's the price we pray for freedom. God bless America, and the marketplace of ideas, as long as we keep the price of entry in the latter high enough.