Wednesday, November 02, 2022

What's It All For

Once I had a brief conversation with a guy who does estate/planning trust stuff. I have no idea if what he told me was true, but basically he said that most of what people like him do isn't, contrary to popular belief, about tax avoidance (though that too!), but about bypassing (to some extent) their failsons and faildaughters, who they hate, and setting up the grandkids instead.

I've posted versions of this before. I know the various potential explanations. But while I'm sure plenty of rich people and their kids and their grandkids are actually living their best lives, or at least fucking them up in understandable ways, the public ones - the ones we know about - lead truly bizarre existences.

Seeing what motivates the various Tech Bros in the orbit of Lonnie Musk, seeing how they very publicly choose to spend their time despite having mountains of money that they could never possibly spend and are in some cases quite clearly not interested in passing it on to their children...

What strange people.