Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Can't Wave Away The Problems

For various reasons I'm a bit of a skeptic on the whole "electric car" thing. Skeptical that replacing the country's fleet of gas vehicles in under 15 years (or so) is realistic. The battery fireballs are one reason. The problem with urban charging stations - difficult to have enough in places where significant numbers of people don't have off street parking - is another. The reality of cobalt mining is yet another.

The charging station problem especially seems to be one where the answer is, "oh, we'll figure it out," and I'm not sure they will!!! Tesla Superchargers optimistically get your battery to 80% in 15 minutes, which makes the "gas station" model for charging not yet realistic.

The self-driving "it will go charge itself" model obviously isn't happening.

Maybe there are solutions, but they are not problems that will simply solve themselves.