Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Winning Hand

A problem with Democrats is they too often (they are better than they used to be, generally) don't believe the positions associated with them are popular. For many such issues I think they do often have the popular stance (abortion), and for some of the ones where they might be on shakier ground, I think the Republicans look like total fucking weirdos obsessing about them.

Maybe Americans aren't super supportive of trans student being able to play high school sports, for example, but aside from the weirdos I doubt they care all that much. Hell I'd even find it a bit off-putting if a Senate candidate spent a lot of time talking about some of my own pet issues, things I actually care about it. "Mr. Warnock, please shut the hell up about curb cuts."

Also, generally, offense is always better than defense, no matter what the substance of the issue is.

People accepted for years that while gun control was pretty popular, too much of the intensity was on the other side. As in, you try to take away their guns and they'll vote you out. But the weirdo stuff conservatives obsess about these days (Disney is woke!) has extremely low intensity except among their base. Maybe I agree Disney that is too woke but God shut up about it!!!