Tuesday, January 24, 2023


We don't have all the information yet - and I won't be the one to tell the story - but there was a mysterious somewhat unexplained force in The Discourse over the past few years. A bunch of influential people taking positions that were a bit puzzling, or emphasizing issues or candidates that were seemingly a bit out of character. People with direct and indirect lines to candidates and members of Congress.

People who seemed relatively nice and well-intentioned, by the standards of these things at least, becoming complete assholes. I'm seen it enough to get when people are riding just a bit too high. Goes to the melon, a bit, especially if you're on the younger side.

That force was Sam Bankman-Fried, his money, and the associated Effective Altruism cult. Prosperity gospel for agnostics, and yet another reformulation of the usual rich guy eugenics agenda, packaged for NPR listeners.

Lots of people tainted by it, most of them just tweeting through it. A few have gone silent.

Crypto victims are real people, and while smart guys like me always laughed at the whole thing, when elite validators  - even good liberal ones! - are pushing crypto onto people you can't fault the people who believe them.

The big regulatory issue was pushing to put crypto under the toothless CFTC instead of the sometimes awake SEC.  Many of your faves, somewhat surprisingly, suddenly decided that was an important issue!

The broader social agenda was Elysium up there, Children of Men down here.