Friday, January 27, 2023

Defund The Police

There was a moment when Leading Professional Democrats pretended to care about criminal justice reform. And, you know, there's a a dynamic that can work with all this stuff. "Sure those defund people are crazy, but they have a point which the grownups should address sensibly."

And then, despite all the polling in 2020, convinced themselves that any electoral losses (even the ones that didn't happen!) weren't the failure of management of hundreds of million of campaign dollars - a nontrivial amount contributed because of the popularity of BLM - but instead were because CastroChavez69 wouldn't stop tweeting "defund the police" and they switched to trying to out-Cop the Republicans.

Short-sighted, as this stuff is going to keep happening. It keeps happening. Constantly.

The 2020 polling shows immense support for what I will call the anti-police movement, which is absolutely amazing given everything that was going on. Do clap popular clap things clap doesn't include that, for some reason.

Support declined, somewhat, once political leaders started running scared, but that's what leadership does. You can lead either way! Your choice.