Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Stenography for Liars

This issue is a different beast, but generally there is a huge problem with the political journalism and weird journalistic "ethics" (professional norms are always called "ethics" but usually have little to do with being ethical) surrounding anonymous sources.

I mean, basically, when Sarah Sanders would say one thing at the lectern and tell Maggie something else anonymously, the bigger story, usually, was "Sarah Sanders is a big fucking liar," but because of the NORMS, we could never be told that.

Isn't too difficult to hack that system, to create a whole posse of political journalists who are basically corrupted by the fact that you've agreed to be an anonymous source and therefore they can't ever point out the contradictions between your public pronouncements and reality.

And they will defend you to a death if a comedian makes a perfectly legitimate joke about you.