Saturday, January 21, 2023

The Right Wing Grift

Needless to say this very fine blog has never made that kind of money. I don't expect to, of course, but it has long been a bit frustrating seeing how much money sloshes around the griftersphere on The Right.

The money that does slosh around on The Left - much much less - tends not to trickle down. Funny, really. And no I'm not talking about me, personally, just the wider leftysphere. There are some grifters sucking up the big donor money, and the hilarious thing is you've probably never even heard of them or their websites!  Some big failures keep getting rewarded!

There was an alternative timeline in which support materialized for left wing online media.  A better timeline? Who knows! But what money there was went to various failsons and donors' pets and you've never heard of any of them!

There was a brief window of opportunity, but instead the Right took over the internet.  Even though Drudge's influence waned, journalists still talk about whatever conservatives want to talk about on any given day.

That said, my fundraising goal this week is FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS (joke).


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Begging bowl out for a week as is the custom.

Thanks to all, much appreciated!!! My daughter, Escalade, and my son, Tahoe,  need the college money!*

*not really