Thursday, January 26, 2023


My basic view of big platform moderation of all kinds is that any one decision (even a big one!) can't be judged too much in isolation, but instead as a pattern of practice. There is no good way to moderate any of these things at scale, and certainly not perfect one. If I were trying to build one of these things from the ground up, I'd probably approach it differently than any of them, though of course my fantasy system eschews any concerns about revenue, which of course they won't eschew.

To me the big issue with Trump (and many on the Right), is that despite all their whining, it is certainly known that the platforms had their own special rules for them, and even violating those more relaxed rules rarely lead to any sanctioning or warning of any kind.

Lots of arguments can be made about these things, but one obviously flawed one is "Trump gets to say what he wants on Facebook, and you don't," especially if they aren't even honest enough to make that explicit.