Monday, January 23, 2023


I lament the wasted opportunity of the LEFTY INTERNET, and the diversion of any possible promise into mostly useless endeavors, not because I feel entitled to all the money, and certainly not because in the Year of Our Gritty 2023 I think THE ESCHATON BLOG is the way to change the world, but because there was a time when I saw the powers that be actively trying to stamp it out and then rebuild it with useless replacements.
There are many actors and many ways this happened - not one smoke-filled room filled with people who said DESTROY THE BLOGS - but Professional Democrats hate any messaging they don't control, even as they are frequently awful at messaging.

So now we talk about whatever Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk want us to talk about every day.

A bit hard to stomach for those of us who remember them as "The Virgin Ben" and "The guy in a diaper in a dumpster," respectively, but somehow those guys are more palatable than the lunatics who opposed the Iraq war.

But, who knows, maybe THE BLOG ERA will return!!! Thanks to all!


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