Sunday, February 05, 2023

A Source Familiar With Donald Trump's Thinking

Every few years "we" return to the discussion about overuse of anonymous sources, sometimes it gets some agreement from journalists and editors, they promise to do better for about 3 weeks and then "we" forget about it again for years.

This isn't in response to anything that's happening at the moment, but there's no doubt in my mind that, for example, one of Maggie Haberman's close anonymous sources was Sarah Sanders, who would contradict things that Sarah Sanders would say on the lectern hours earlier.

That political journalists *regularly* let people be anonymous sources about their own fucking thoughts is just crazymaking. For lots of reasons, but one is that of course only *some* people are granted the cover of anonymity for ridiculous reasons. That's a grant of power by the journalist to the "source," and not a power that is granted evenly. 

That's Governor Sanders, now. Thanks, Maggie!