Friday, February 10, 2023

Always Covering

As I've said in other contexts, journalists not pointing out the clear intentions and clear undisputable consequences of Republican policies is a problem. Letting pharmacists not fill any prescriptions that might harm a fetus - which, to be clear, is any prescription - is not the same as letting them refuse "to fill prescriptions for abortion pills."

To me it's all necessary health care, but allowing them to both make this distinction (abortion and health care are different) then bulldoze the distinction (anything that could harm a fetus is abortion) is just complete malpractice.

All this was the obvious consequence of overturning Roe, which a bunch of centrist wankers pretended wasn't the case for years, and journalists are still doing it by pretending it isn't even happening!

Overturn Roe and the anti-abortion movement will just fade away, they said!

People with a mission (and lucrative grift) never stop, and that mission was never what you/they pretended it was.