Monday, February 06, 2023

Chait Has Always Been Like This

This piece from the WaPo in 2003 holds up pretty well!!!!!!

You you might remember these types of arguments. War and "the trans debate" are not really similar issues, but the centrists are going at them in the same style. The anti-war view was mostly excluded from anywhere except blogs then, as the "pro-trans" view is mostly excluded from anywhere except twitter.  Still somehow the All Powerful Left (THE TRANS MAFIA) must be combatted and denounced in several hundred frothing opinion pieces.

In both cases "The Left" view was/is never presented as anything but caricature from the mouths of people concern trolling it while claiming that The Left was failing to care about Iraqis/care about children (before the Iraq war became a fake humanitarian mission, The Left failed to come up with their own plan to remove Saddam's nonexistent weapons). The Left is Unserious and Unreasonable and Unwilling To Engage My Arguments and Blinded By Ideology etc.  It's just how centrists do things. They go on a fart huffing bender and then sanctimoniously address The Lefties of their imaginations.

It was as ridiculous to imagine that Dick Cheney wanted war in Iraq for humanitarian reasons as it is to imagine all the anti-Trans people are motivated by a deep concern for the welfare of children and teens. Yah, Joe Rogan and Andrew Sullivan and Jon Chait and Jesse Singal, these guys just spend all day every day thinking about how to make the lives of children better. 

Don't be a sucker, just laugh and point.