Wednesday, February 22, 2023


"We" go through this debate about JOURNALISTICAL OBJECTIVINIDITITY every couple of years and it's always the same and it's always dumb. I think it's a sucker's game to rehash it every time because the journalists who think militant defense of the status quo and general maintenance of existing power hierarchies is OBJECTIVITY aren't so dumb as to believe it.

They are just doing a power play, saying "HAHA FUCK YOU," not engaging in a debate. You're being a sucker if you play the game.

They aren't naïve babes. They know how their choice of stories, choices of sources, emphasis and positioning are in no way "objective" as they want you to believe. You don't have to explain it to them that putting 37 stories on the front page "questioning" trans medical care, emphasizing conservative talking points, going to anti-trans activist bigots for quotes, never actually talking to trans people or their families, and burying the actual mainstream medical consensus, is not really objectivity.

They know this! They're not as stupid as they pretend to be! They're just lying.

It is just, "haha fuck you," as I said.