Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Suddenly You Care Deeply About The Experiences Of Underprivileged Children, Hmmm???

I remember back in 2019 when there was a Chicago public schools strike, and suddenly every centrist and libertarian bro became deeply, deeply concerned about the learning experiences of poor children who would be missing out on a couple weeks of school.
This stuff should never pass the laugh test, as usually they're writing screeds about how poor children make excellent fuel when shoved into the furnace.

Anyway, part of my latest agenda is to convince people you don't have to pretend bad faith people are arguing in good faith. You do not have to engage with their arguments, especially when they get Atlantic cover stories and you are just yelling at them on blogs and twitter. Bad faith people will slip from one argument to the next, and then, of course, ignore you, because they are very important people who are not obligated to engage with YOUR arguments.

Point and laugh, call them lying clowns, that's always what they are.