Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Why Do Florida Kids Need Books, Michael?

It isn't mysterious why there's great OUTRAGE that a few kids at Oberlin might point out that a racist speaker is racist, BECAUSE THAT'S CENSORSHIP, and basically zero commentary from the Free Speech Warriors about how kids in Florida no longer have access to books.
And Marie Masferrer, a board member of the Florida Association for Media in Education and a school librarian who used to work in the Manatee County system and remains in close touch with former colleagues in that district, said they have told her that students are struggling.

At one school, “the kids began crying and writing letters to the principal, saying, ‘Please don’t take my books, please don’t do this,’” Masferrer said.
Anything even adjacent to a humanities education is a luxury that only people who can afford luxuries, and whose children are the products of the finest breeding, need access to. Kids in Florida (which, I must remind you, is neither New York nor near Boston), are just future organ donors with limited utility otherwise. Reading is wasted on them.

I really am not exaggerating. I don't know if I was blind to it previously or if it is getting worse, but this is just Common Sense for our elite chatters, and only controversial because some annoying kid in Oberlin - class traitor or affirmative action student - might complain.