Thursday, March 23, 2023

A Lot Of People Died

After the WMD rationale for Iraq fizzled, we rebranded the invasion as a mission to spread Freeance and Peeance. This was cynical bullshit, of course, as absolutely no one involved with that little endeavor was someone you would trust not to piss on a homeless person for laughs.

The funny thing about Bretbug Stephens is no one really cares what he writes. Unlike some other conservatives, it's mostly pointing and laughing because he's repetitive, predictable, and dumb. The man phones it in, and he has nothing to say.

His latest on how the Iraq war was Good, Akshually, does a neat trick of putting any blame for "misery" and "suffering" (the word "deaths" is not used) on the occupied, rather than the occupiers.

As I said, Bretbug doesn't make me mad, though the editor who gave him his job does, a bit, but we shouldn't take any moral lessons from people whose cruelty to their fellow Americans is never disguised, let alone what they actually think about the lives of off-white foreigners.

More broadly, any of these assholes - the ones who are at best indifferent to the plight of their fellow hu-mans - who opine on any policy whatsoever should be ignored. They don't care how it impacts people other than them, and any pretense otherwise is a lie.