Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Just Pick Up The Phone And Call

I get enraged whenever people get annoyed that we're yelling at politicians on twitter, or people say "now is not the time to politicize" something. Rich people are always, always, yelling at them. They can barely hear us!
Other officials across the administration were more skeptical, worrying that the lobbying blitz Ms. Brainard and others were receiving was purely a sign of wealthy investors trying to force the government to backstop their losses. And there were concerns that any kind of government action could be seen as bailing out a bank that had mismanaged its risk, potentially encouraging risky behavior by other banks in the future.

Ms. Brainard started fielding anxious calls again on Saturday morning and did not stop until late in the evening. She and Mr. Zients briefed Mr. Biden that afternoon — virtually this time, because the president was spending the weekend in his home state of Delaware.
I suspect this whole thing is going to get smellier and smellier with time. It might still have been the right thing to do! But it's not going to be pretty. If it was the right thing to do then the important thing to note is that all the people in charge spent the last few years absolutely fucking things up.