Tuesday, March 14, 2023

People Are Made Of People

Bouie has a good column generally, but the kicker is the important bit.
Put simply, you show me a scene from the so-called culture wars, and I’ll show you what’s behind it: a real issue with real stakes for real people.
The most important political questions are usually labeled "culture war" as a way to dismiss and trivialize them. Sure we understand that some manifestations of these issues in The Discourse, like candy coated chocolate mascots not making Tucker Carlson horny enough, are ridiculous (though The Discourse comes from the people with the microphones, a thing they all ignore).

But, for example, in the process of Owning The Libs, what America's Greatest Governor, Ron DeSantis, is doing has real consequences for real people!!! Much more than most of the "serious" stuff political reporters wrongly imagine they'd "prefer" to talk about (no one's stopping you guys).