Monday, April 17, 2023

All Of My Friends Were Enamored By The Guy Who Handed Out Million Dollar Bills To Us

And "we" are the smartest, and bestest, and most wonderful, and most kind people on the planet, so if WEEEE were fooled, ANYONE would have been?
McargleBargle ends her column on SBF with this:
But the story of FTX should also trigger some deep soul-searching among the rest of us. In a better world, people would not behave so irresponsibly — but nor would it be possible for someone this stupid to accumulate the kind of money and political influence that accrued to Bankman-Fried.
"That accrued to." How did that happen, Megs? Just walking along, accruing stuff from the easiest marks on the planet - our glorious pundits.

Earlier in the piece:
So was Bankman-Fried dumb or dishonest? A report from the FTX bankruptcy proceeding suggests that we might have to embrace the healing power of “both.”
Indeed Megan, I must embrace the healing power of "both" every time I read one of your columns.

It really was precisely Megan's peer/friend group who were providing SBF with his DC PR.

It wasn't "the rest of us" you twit.