Friday, April 28, 2023


It's long been fashionable to deride "the internet" for supposedly segregating people into isolated bubbles of ideological like-minded people. I dunno what internet these people read, as the one I have read for decades is largely people who disagree with each other yelling at each other.
Also, it's always The Left that is somehow in its bubble, unaware of what's going on with conservatives, even though "what's going on with conservatives" is most of the discourse on- and off-line. I don't think conservatives (or centrist dipshits) ever bother to listen to what anybody but straw-leftist and straw-POC have to say about anything.  Jon Chait explains the transes, that kind of thing.

My skepticism is obvious here. I think "the internet" actually exposes people to a diversity of views, if not always in the best light. This is just a complaint from people who believe their carefully curated op-ed pages provided the precisely desirably range of opinion that a sophisticated citizen should be provided with.

I started this post intended to make another point, but I'll just leave it there...