Thursday, April 06, 2023

Ghouls And Do-Gooders

When obviously bad people insert themselves into a policy debate, there's no reason to listen to them. Do-Gooders might not be right all the time, but people who would put your kids in a wood chipper for a second yacht probably don't care too much about kids.

I know I'm repeating myself on this general subject here, but I'm continuing my lonely war on the horrible DC culture of everyone pretending the worst people are operating in good faith when, in fact, it's a city filled with paid liars.

There are also do-gooders, of course, but most of them don't get paid 6+ figures, don't have large microphones, don't have the ear of the WaPo editorial board, and don't have regular seats at the big tables.

Congressional staffers at the bottom of the pay scale have strict ethics rules they have to follow, unlike some.