Saturday, April 01, 2023

Pretending To Believe People Who Pretend To Believe Things

There is nobody* who thinks that Trump hasn't been committing crimes is whole life. There is nobody who thinks that this is a case of PROSECUTING YOUR POLITICAL OPPONENTS, as Trump himself has promised to do numerous times.

Lots of problem with journalism, broadly defined, but one is certainly continuing to treat obvious bad faith actors, and the things that they say, with deference and respect. 

The other side of this (The WaPo has published at least 2 in this genre) are arguments that the only valid way to prosecute Trump (for reasons, just lawyer/pundit bullshit) is in federal court, because somehow state law violations in 2016 don't count.

Garland can't prosecute because that's political, state/local laws can't prosecute because that's, I dunno, not BIG enough, or something.

One of those WaPo pieces has a version of - oh so you hate the carceral state do you, libs, so why do you want to prosecute Trump ?!?!?!!? HYPOCRITES!!!

Just endless bad faith bullshit. Clients have a right to (most) bullshit arguments in court, but editors don't have to publish that shit.

*"Nobody" of the people who are paid to explain politics to you.