Friday, April 07, 2023

Speed Running The Tech Bullshit Cycle

Something I don't think people understand about TECH is that a big requirement is that they are more precise than people, not less. That's actually the selling point, as they will inevitably fail in other ways. A calculator/spreadsheet program which gives the right answer to a simple addition problem 99% of the time is actually much much worse than useless even though you can say IT'S MORE ACCURATE THAN PEOPLE.

They designed programs which are very good bullshitters. That's funny! The only people they are likely to replace are The Annoying Guys in your Ivy League classes who won't shut the fuck up about things they don't know anything about. Elite liberal education also trains people to be good bullshitters (this is not all bad).

Funny that this is about Turley though, as I see no constitutional prohibition of robots accusing law professors of horrible crimes.