Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Sure Why Not

I know there was no golden age and Rules and Norms are whatever we are pretending they are today, but there was a time when politicians targeting a specific employer (large or small) because they pissed you off would be portrayed as off the charts bad. The other thing about our dog shit pundits is that they love watching other people be kicked. Something I learned watching academia, in which a nontrivial proportion of seemingly otherwise reasonable people really loved the idea of getting a new president/provost who was an asskicker. They believed lots of other people needed to have their asses kicked, so this would be good!

You, my dear readers, because you are not dog shit pundits, understand the problems with this.

What do we call people who love authoritarian leaders who use the massive power of the state to punish their enemies?

While there were, roughly, national waves, Covid moved through different areas of the US at different times, and whenever Florida had a bit of a lull we got news pieces about how Meatball Ron was defying the critics. Pundits hated being told to clean up their dog shit, or wear their masks, so they loved it.