Thursday, April 27, 2023

The Protagonists

I contribute to this problem, too, but it's quite amazing that with a Dem in the White House and controlling the Senate (and when they also controlled the House), the central figures of almost every political story are the Republicans.

Plenty of those stories are valid news stories, of course. Republicans are doing stuff (like attacking trans people with the power of the state). But Democrats are doing stuff, too, and that doesn't get nearly as much coverage.
And on top of the legitimate "doing stuff" focus, there's the obsessive coverage of B- C- and D-list conservative figures, the side plots of random minor House Republicans, daily updates on who does and doesn't support Trump, etc.

I'm looking at the front of of the New Republic now, and it's filled with pieces on The Republican Soap Opera (along with other things).

I'm not picking on TNR specifically, and I contribute to this, too, as I said. Some of it is worth covering, but it's just like this all the time. It's always The Republican Story.