Saturday, May 20, 2023

All Part Of The Plan

Even if you are slighty more cynical than me and think Biden (or people within the administration, at least) actually want some draconian cuts*, how they've handled it has still been ridiculous.
With good reason, Democrats like to mock Kevin McCarthy as the dumbest GOP leader any of them has ever had to work with. Nancy Pelosi, who had to work closely with George W. Bush over many years, famously called McCarthy a “moron.” “Does Kevin McCarthy know where he is right now?” her office mocked. Well, jokes on us, because now Democrats will have to explain how that moron maneuvered them into a trap that we've all known about for more than 10 years!
*I actually do think there are people within the administration who want exactly that, I'm just not quite cynical enough to believe they're driving the decisions. Not quite.