Friday, May 12, 2023

Maybe That Trump Guy Has Some New And Intriguing Ideas

One very strange belief (or pretend belief) is that liberals are never exposed to conservative ideas and Anderson Cooper even extends that to the thoughts of the guy who was president for four years, during which his every tweet was breathlessly covered
He has dominated news and politics coverage, and the thoughts of his supporters and the various C-list conservative grifters are constant news! It is more accurate to say that lefty ideas are rarely reflected in "the liberal media" or are held up as controversial when they are. I'd be that, for example, the NYT ran many more pieces focused on conservative "discomfort" with (these ideas are always made to sound nicer, too), or the supposed electoral "poison" of, same-sex marriage than they did pieces focused on the perspectives of gay people, pre-Obergefell.

The idea, there, too, would've been that the New York Times needs to pierce the bubble of its cloistered liberal readership, exposing them to NEW IDEAS. As if "gay marriage should be illegal" was a new idea in a country where gay marriage was illegal!