Monday, May 01, 2023

Supreme Crooks

You don't actually have to think that "rich guys were bribing Supreme Court Justices," that all the money directly affected their rulings, to be horrified by all of this. Part of it is how they've been covered over the years, as a monastic order untouched by earthly desires.
And, yes, "collect your $260K and no other money" is a reasonable ask for these people. If they don't consider it to be a good deal there are plenty of people who would.
The myths around elite law are mostly ridiculous and it's time we stop pretending these people are part of a select group of supergenius Law Thinkers, that only a very tiny select caste are capable of the demands. Plenty of lawyers trained in the jargon, and the clerks do all the real work anyway.

We're learning "the real work" is hardly as it has been portrayed over the years.