Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Worst News Media On The Planet

That fucking newspaper has been doing good reporting on the UK media, which contrary to the views of many Americans who imagine it's all like BBC World Service, is, genuinely, the worst in the world.
Inside The Financial Times newsroom this winter, one of its star investigative reporters, Madison Marriage, had a potentially explosive scoop involving another newspaper.

A prominent left-wing columnist, Nick Cohen, had resigned from Guardian News & Media, and Ms. Marriage had evidence that his departure followed years of unwanted sexual advances and groping of female journalists.
Cohen's about as left wing as peak "Chris Hitchens screaming about Clinton, Islamofascism, and the Iraq war" which is to say not at all, but he was coded as such.  You'll struggle to find anything left wing in anything he has ever written.  This is a good example from the era. 

Spiked because they're all jolly chums, basically.
But her investigation on Mr. Cohen, which she hoped would begin a broader look at sexual misconduct in the British news media, was never published. The Financial Times’ editor, Roula Khalaf, killed it, according to interviews with a dozen Financial Times journalists.


The British news media is smaller and cozier than its American counterpart, with journalists often coming from the same elite schools. Stringent libel laws present another hurdle. And in a traditional newsroom culture of drinking and gender imbalances, many stories of misconduct go untold, or face a fight.
It was the Russians and transgenders wot did it!
In a phone interview, Mr. Cohen said he did not have the “faintest idea” about Ms. Siegle’s accusation and questioned why she had waited so long to report it. He said the conversation with the copy editor was “joking” among friends. He blamed their accusations on a campaign by his critics, including advocates for Russia and for transgender rights.