Thursday, May 04, 2023

There Is A Natural Order To Things

It isn't a mystery, to me, why the Free Speech Brigade isn't too concerned with the ongoing destruction of the state university systems in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and elsewhere. For a certain set of Ivy and Ivy-adjacent educated people, state universities, except honorable mention Berkeley, aren't actually serious educational/research institutions, and more than that, they're a waste of money as the pig people who attend them shouldn't be getting any fancy learning anyway as they're just destined for the mines.

It isn't so much that they think destroying them is good, necessarily, they just don't think it really matters. Higher education is for the top 20,000 students or so, as measured with calipers, every year, and they don't think any actual research happens at these places.

Recognize most people opining on this stuff only have undergraduate degrees, have no experience outside the institution they attended, and really have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

Coming to grips with the breadth and depth of elitism has been a long process for me. However bad I imagine it is, it's always worse.