Thursday, May 25, 2023

You Can't Just Put Rich Guys In Prison

Jokes aside, I have absolutely no idea what Donnie can or can't wriggle out of. What I am pretty sure of is that if you took a poll of what sex pest Mark Halperin used to call "the Gang of 500" - an imaginary conglomeration of various Washington elites including politicians, lobbyists, journalists, and assorted others - about whether or not Trump should be indicted, I doubt there would be too many "yes" votes.
That has nothing to do with their belief about his guilt or innocence of any specific possible charge, instead simply because elites should be accountability.  Sure they'll tell various stories - maybe even believe them -  about why indicting an ex-president (especially one with an "R" after his name) would be very very bad indeed "for the country" or some bullshit like that.  But it's just "laws are for other people" stuff.