Friday, June 02, 2023

Not Going To Read That

Who knows, maybe it's great, but David Brooks has a column on the "college admissions process" and being somewhat academia-adjacent, one thing I know is that people over about 40 generally have absolutely no idea what the "college admissions process" is unless their kids went through it recently, or even then.

Times change.

And, of course, "Only 15 schools matter, who cares what the pig people are doing" drives all coverage in our glorious periodicals.

OK, Christ, I read it and it's about how killing affirmative action is the first step to undoing the elitism (apparently bad!) about college which, apparently, cultivates "technocratic skills."

My God worse than I imagined.

He does propose that we can improve minority representation by ending "racial preferences and [!!!] preferences for the children of faculty members and alumni" and my brother in Christ how exactly are "we" going to do that last one. No one is stopping them!

"Centrist" brain "compromise." What if we do this other thing no one is going to do? I am very smart. I mean, David, why exactly is "affirmative action" necessary? You almost got there!