Thursday, July 06, 2023

And What Do You Mean By That

You can suggest "changes" to SocialSecurityAndMedicare that don't involve cuts that impact recipients. Lots of Medicare fraud out there - Medicare Advantage is a big scam though "more of that" is likely the change they have in mind - and even at Medicare rates, prices in our medical system are ridiculous (there are obvious answers to everything wrong with our medical system, but they are Not Serious). But presumably they mean "old people have it too good and it should be worse." 

Even "almost rich" people can't afford more exposure to the costs of our medical system, and any cuts to Social Security benefits (this is what they mean, of course, even if they don't say it) have to start dipping pretty deep down into the income distribution before there are expenditure reductions worth mentioning (this is true of all "means testing" though of course Social Security is already means tested in several ways).

My deep knowledge of Social Security has degraded a bit since we last went through this, but I suspect the people writing the editorial have no clue about the system at all, they just know "cuts" are good.