Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Doomsday Cult

When you don't discount the future - the EA/longtermist types think this makes them ethically superior - you can easily if ridiculously argue that 10,000 nerds riding out the apocalypse in an underground silo until they emerge in a million years to build the future utopia is the preferred path.

Like all doomsday cults the next step would be to hasten the arrival of end times. 

EA is/was a highly influential rich person cult which spread a bunch of money around to some of your faves. Donating a kidney was a cult initiation rite for wannabees who wouldn't otherwise be admitted to the bunker. It is good SBF/FTX collpased when it did because its reach was expanding (remember Gillibrand becoming a crypto evangelist).

For 2 years the influential dipshit centrist dem polling outfits were SBF/EA propaganda arms.

Do not trust dipshit centritsts.