Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Finally Some Campus Cancel Culture

I'm sure former NYTer Mikey Powell will get right on this at his new gig at The Atlantic, right after his 24 page piece about a liberal Harvard student wearing a "fuck Trump" t-shirt or something.
In an email obtained by The Texas Tribune through a public records request, Alonzo told Self the investigation had been kicked off by a student “who has ties to Texas A&M Leadership.”

The Texas A&M system confirmed the series of phone calls and text messages that led to Alonzo’s investigation was kicked off by Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, a graduate of UTMB’s medical school. The Tribune confirmed her daughter, a first-year medical student at the time, attended Alonzo’s lecture. Buckingham served six years in the Texas Senate with Patrick, who endorsed her run for land commissioner last year, and she recently attended Sharp’s wedding in May.
The "intolerant college student" types won't be bothered by this, not strictly because it's conservatives, but because a well-connected student bossing her professor around is the hierarchy asserting itself appropriately.