Monday, July 10, 2023

Killing Twitter

Probably Threads, the new Zuckerberg production, will do it. Not necessarily because all users will flee Twitter for it, but because the big advertisers/brands/advertising companies will. They'll be quite happy to check the box of "ok, we do social and this is now the official Social site."

It isn't precisely the same thing, but once sites like Huffington Post showed up, and marketing companies could say, "yes, we put ads on BLOGS" even though the new "professional" blogs weren't really blogs, all the advertising for places like this disappeared.

The big brands just want to check the box of having their BRAND out in front of (likely inflated) numbers in the place everyone says is the Official Place. If there's all alternative to Musk's increasingly freaky freak show, they'll take it.

One of my long suspicions is that amazon/twitter/google/facebook had some understanding about "dividing up the internet" and not competing with each other in certain areas.  Musk's behavior is probably blowing up more things than we know!