Friday, July 28, 2023

They Can Monster Anyone (Including Voters)

I come back to this point regularly because our glorious political journalists like to pretend they're operating in some Realm of Objectivity inaccessible to us mere mortals, until they have a few drinks or write their memoirs and admit the obvious 20 years later.

For whatever reason, they absolutely monstered Howard Dean out of the primary in 2004, and before that, they regularly treated Dean supporters as absurd, ridiculous, childish, wrongheaded, etc.  

I don't care about Howard Dean in 2023, but reasonably the man facing several felony indictments - and his supporters - probably deserves at least as much monstering.  

As we've been sagely informed for years, Trump's biggest fans will remain his biggest fans no matter what, a meaningless tautology.   We polled 400 people wearing MAGA hats and 98% of them say the latest indictments only make them support him more!  

One week of "Dean Scream" treatment and 65% of the population will puke blood every time they hear the guy's name.