Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Too Many Nates

Silver's long been a ridiculous weirdo, but covid broke his brain completely. 

I don't think everything was done perfectly during covid (of course not!) but the people who obsess about school learning loss do not care about school learning loss because they are not people who care about anybody but themselves. They just care about being Right On The Internet. 

Yah, Nate Silver cares about The Children. Absurd stuff.  Nate's just mad he couldn't go sit in Starbucks for a few months, and he's combined that with a hatred of all the lefties who call him a stupid shithead on twitter.

No one thought that keeping kids home from school was costless.  It was at times the best of bad options, and at times the only option!  You couldn't keep schools fully staffed and there were no subs because people were getting sick constantly!

Yes if schools had more resources maybe (maybe!) they could have opened more.

Jetelina said if given a mulligan, schools should have been given more resources, like ventilators, masks and contact-tracing.

Dr. Carlos del Rio, interim dean at Emory University School of Medicine, said public health experts didn’t foresee the effect of learning loss and isolationism on students. That impact could be the most long-lasting, UCSF professor of medicine Dr. Mark Smith said.
But a missing resource in this list is: people! You didn't have staff! You certainly didn't have any subs!

If only a global pandemic didn't have any negative consequences!

As the title suggests, Nate's not the only one.