Monday, August 14, 2023

Just An Abstract Debate

Decades of reporting and punditry entirely left out the obviously true fact that abortion ban "exceptions" are not workable in practice, especially but not just when implemented and enforced by people who don't believe in them.
Mississippi’s abortion ban contains narrow exceptions, including for rape victims and to save the life of the mother. As Ashley's case shows, these exceptions are largely theoretical. Even if a victim files a police report, there appears to be no clear process for granting an exception. (The state Attorney General’s office did not return TIME’s repeated requests to clarify the process for granting exceptions; the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure and the Mississippi State Medical Association did not reply to TIME’s requests for explanation.) And, of course, there are no abortion providers left in the state. In January, the New York Times reported that since Mississippi's abortion law went into effect, only two exceptions had been made. Even if the process for obtaining one were clear, it wouldn’t have helped Ashley. Regina didn’t know that Mississippi’s abortion ban had an exception for rape.
Just bullshit to be typed up by gullible dipshits eager to find "moderation" in extremism.