Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Merry Smithmas

Who knows what happens next, but I admit to being very stunned that it went this far. A lot of people at the top were clearly not enthusiastic about any serious investigations of Trump, going back to his presidency. Someone will write the definitive book I suppose, at some point, though I am increasingly aware of how "definitive books" can never really be, but that Garland was very hesitant until the Jan. 6 committee (probably the heroes of this story) forced his hand, doesn't seem to be especially in doubt.

Powerful people don't really think laws are for people like them, and class solidarity, with a broad definition of class, is quite a force. 

But, really, if you aren't going to prosecute the people involved with trying to overthrow the democracy, it's pretty clear you don't deserve to keep it!